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Tunnel Light

│ Description │

ALF LED Inc developed 25W standard module.

This product is made of 2 couple of 25w module.


Product 100W (empty space will be located SMPS 100W)

│ Function │

The light spread is because the design must have weighed mainly
due to installation in Tunnel only. We have two type of Tennel light.(Wall attached, Ceiling type) It depends on lens type also rather than only specific parts that get brighter the light spread widely.

│ Feature │

This is very lighter than any other product. also It is very easy to install.
The long service life it is not necessary to replace periodically. 

│ Specification │

Model : ALF T-100/ power consumption (w) : 100W /

Product lifetime : 50,000 / Light efficiency : 93.9 / CRI(RA) : 90 /

Mm : 360.4 X 234.2 X 60 / IP : 66