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Heat sink

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Heat sink

│ Description │

The binder can be easily multiple aluminum plate, the air ventilation ...
yet it is easy to heat.
It is easy to apply for various electronic products and to refrain from further
construction equipment because the volume is small and inexpensive.
Design process is easier to design various shapes can be
If the flat area, such as the existing heat sink can be significantly
reduced by more than half the weight, reducing the height

│ Function │

By entering and streetlights and floodlight helps to hold the heat from the light emission.

│ Feature │

The original die-cast aluminum heat sinks are thin layers of overlapping manner
not significantly reduce the volume and manufacturing cost by increasing the amount of heat generated
per unit area is well ventilated it is easy to radiation. Also working in design,
this design is available in various shapes easier.

│ Specification │

Various high-intensity LED lighting and landscape lighting, street lamps, floodlights,
Car and Motorcycle Accessories
TV, monitors, refrigerators, notebook

High-intensity floodlights


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Heat sink